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We can get involved at any stage of your business.  From helping you come up with a name that feels right for your business and customers, to strategic brand development.  Or we can review the work you've produced so far - with a strategic head and a creative eye.


It's better to develop the design work having gone through a brand strategy session together, but it is definitely not a pre-requisite.

We ran a brainstorm for Mad Adventure Coaching, to help them to have a clear idea of their target audience and the brand message that they wanted to consistently deliver.


The session provided lots of useful insights and even a strapline for use on the website.  This was followed up by a website review, We checked it fitted with the brand values and that it's personality felt right for the target audience.  This also informed the image choice and copy that was included.

"I've really enjoyed working with Sarah on my website and the branding of my business. She brings a wealth of expertise from working for the BBC and her natural enthusiasm and love for what she does makes the whole process really interesting and fun.


Branding and marketing are things that in the past would have filled me with panic but it was actually surprisingly enjoyable working with Sarah. She is very creative and innovative and came up with great insights and ideas. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to flush out their brand and take their business to the next level."  Anna Debenham, Mad Adventure Coaching

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